TWiki User Authentication

TWiki site access control and user activity tracking options

TWiki does not authenticate users internally, it depends on the REMOTE_USER environment variable. This variable is set when you enable Basic Authentication (.htaccess) or SSL "secure server" authentication (https protocol).

TWiki uses visitor identification to keep track of who made changes to topics at what time and to manage a wide range of personal site settings. This gives a complete audit trail of changes and activity.

Authentication Options

No special installation steps are required if the server is already authenticated. If it isn't, you have these options for controlling user access:

  1. No login at all: Forget about authentication to make your site completely public - anyone can browse and edit freely, in classic Wiki mode. All visitors are assigned the TWikiGuest default identity, so you can't track individual user activity.
  2. No login to view; require login to edit: Keeping track of who changed what and when, while keeping view access unrestricted is desirable in most TWiki deployments. This option is not suitable if you need TWikiAccessControl for view restricted content since TWiki does not know who a user is when looking at content.
  3. No login to view unless necessary; require login to edit: You prefer not to bother the user with login for unrestricted content, but you need TWikiAccessControl for view restricted content. There are two ways to accomplish this:
  4. Require login to view and edit: Most restrictive, but TWiki knows who the user is at all times. There are two ways to accomplish this:

Partial Authentication

Tracking by IP address is an experimental feature, enabled in lib/TWiki.cfg. It lets you combine open access to some functions, with authentication on others, with full user activity tracking:

Quick Authentication Test - Use the %WIKIUSERNAME% variable to return your current identity:

TWiki Username vs. Login Username

This section applies only if your TWiki site is installed on a server that is both authenticated and on an intranet.

TWiki internally manages two usernames: Login Username and TWiki Username.

TWiki can automatically map an Intranet (Login) Username to a TWiki Username, provided that the username pair exists in the TWikiUsers topic. This is also handled automatically when you register.

NOTE: To correctly enter a WikiName - your own or someone else's - be sure to include the Main web name in front of the Wiki username, followed by a period, and no spaces. Ex:
Main.WikiUsername or %MAINWEB%.WikiUsername
This points WikiUser to the TWiki.Main web, where user registration pages are stored, no matter which web it's entered in. Without the web prefix, the name appears as a NewTopic? everywhere but in the Main web.

Changing Passwords

Change and reset passwords using forms on regular pages. Use TWikiAccessControl to restrict use as required.

Hast Du Dein Passwort vergessen? Dann benutze stattdessen ResetPassword. Bitte benutze ResetPassword nur, wenn Du wirklich Dein Passwort vergessen hast. Danke.

Dein WikiName: **
Altes Passwort: **
Neues Passwort: **
Passwort wiederholen: **
     (Felder, die mit ** markiert sind, müssen ausgefüllt werden)

Nachdem Du dieses Formular abgeschickt hast, ist Dein Passwort geändert.

Bei Fragen kontaktiere bitte den TWiki-Webmaster Immo Müller de Vries

Bitte benutze dieses ResetPassword -Formular nur, wenn Du wirklich Dein Passwort vergessen hast. Anderenfalls ändere es einfach, indem Du ChangePassword benutzt. Danke.

Dein WikiName: **
Neues Passwort: **
Neues Passwort wiederholen: **
     (Felder, die mit ** markiert sind, müssen ausgefüllt werden)

Nachdem Du dieses Formular abgeschickt hast, wirst Du eine Seite mit Deinem neuen Passwort sehen, welches jedoch verschlüsselt erscheint.

Diese verschlüsselte Information musst Du dann mit der Bitte um Passwortänderung per E-Mail an den Wiki-Webmaster, Immo Müller de Vries schicken. Er wird dann das Passwort Deines Benutzerkontos auf das von Dir neu gewählte Passwort setzen.

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